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Sa Punta

Fine Dining


Sa Punta's charm stems from the chic and relaxed style of the Mediterranean ambience which is complemented by its stunning location - with crystal clear waters on the shores of the coast, and its spectacular views of the old part of Ibiza Town.

5 stars service, fine products & stunning views.


Lebanese Roof Top Restaurant & Bar

Surrounded by a colourful setting beside the sea with an awesome Dalt Vila view, Patchwork roof top restaurant and bar is the first and only lebanese restaurant in Ibiza. And for that reason, Patchworkoffers the perfect introduction to Lebanese gastronomy and the art of sharing.

More than a place to eat, Patchwork combines food, cocktails, design and music, making the dining experience a laid-back one too from sunset till 3AM.

A Unique Blend of Far East Asian Cuisine

Last stopover of our gastronomic world tour, Ginger. Only at Ginger, in the heights and garden of Sa Punta, you will find a unique blend of far east Asian cuisine and all its exotic flavors. Would you care for some tantalizing sashimi, tempura, succulent spring rolls or some mouth-watering Dim Sum?

What better place than Ginger to enjoy a sunset or a dinner surrounded by pines and junipers, overlooking the sea and Dalt Vila.